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We are examining local experiences of aging in cities and in communities to better understand how to improve conditions for aging in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for submission mediums?

  • Written pieces (story, poem, words of wisdom – be creative!) from a sentence up to 1000 words
  • 3 images with a max word count of 50 words for each caption
  • A video (storytelling, song, dance – be creative!) up to 5 minutes long
  • Favourite recipes with a short background story
  • An audio clip up to 3-5 minutes long

What will you do with my submission?

Dans le cadre de ce site web, les soumissions d'aînés feront également partie d'une étude tentant de comprendre les expériences diverses des aînés à travers le Canada et les communautés autochtones, menée par Dr. Biglieri. The study is called ‘Aging People, Aging Places: Documenting the struggles and joys of aging in neighbourhoods and has received ethics clearance from the Toronto Metropolitan University Research Ethics Board (Project No. 2022-120).

Can I make a submission and remain anonymous?

On the submission form, you have the option to have your information remain anonymous by checking that you do NOT want to display any demographic information. Assuming the content of your submission does not reveal any identifying markers, you will remain anonymous.

Who will see my submission?

They will be posted on the website so the public can view any submissions, along with the APAP research team.

What language does my submission need to be in?

We welcome submissions in any language and format.

Aging People, Aging Places,